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Server rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

  1. Profanity (if used sparingly and to good effect) is permitted. It is NOT permitted if it is directed at a user, is gratuitous, excessive, or used out of context. For definitions of all those terms, refer to the terms of service.
  2. Sexually explicit and/or NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content is permitted provided it is posted with appropriate warnings. Mastodon has a wealth of tools for marking sensitive content. If you aren't sure how to use the tools, don't post sensitive content.
  3. As with all content posted on the internet, assume that what you are posting is public. Posting here is the equivalent of putting a flyer on a telephone pole 50 miles from the nearest town. Probably won't get seen. But it's still public.
  4. Enforcement of these, and any other, rules are at the sole discretion of the admin (Nerd Butler). He prefers to be a benevolent dictator. But this is his service and he takes that responsibility seriously. Be kind, be courteous, be respectful, be helpful and there will be no problems.
  5. This is not the Wild West. Don't talk about, post, encourage, or otherwise provide illegal content. Anyone deemed to be violating this rule should expect to be banned quickly.
  6. HumanKind. Be both.